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I'm HEALED & HOME!!!! Halleluiah!

Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified,
do not be discouraged, for the
Lord your God will be with you
wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9
Hear the song!

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WOW................See the PET Scan images!...................WOW

Thank you all so much for all the prayers and support! 
We could not go through this without you.

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Hope Revealed: Unraveling the mysteries of Hyperinsulinism.
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This is a video with the Chief of Division of Endocrinology to who is over Joshua.  This video explains very well what we are dealing with.
Please take some time to watch this.  We are going to do all we can to be sure that the hospitals in Georgia understand better how to diagnose and treat this extremely rare condition. 

Only a couple of hundred children in the USA are diagnosed with this each year.

March 10, 2009 

Tomorrow is March 11.  Why is this important?  One Year ago tomorrow our lives changed forever.  This day took us down a road of trials, triumphs, pain, tears and growth of our faith beyond what our human little brains could comprehend.  This website has reached many people and thankfully we've heard some of the stories about their coming to trust in God or how God used this site to grow faith in His power and love.    Please continue to share this with everyone.  Stay in touch and tell us your story.  


June 9, 2008

We had our 4 month check up at the pediatrician today.  He's 15 lbs 9.5 oz and 25 1/4 inches long, 75% in weight and height.  His scar is thinning out nicely.  The doctor just shakes her head and says he's amazing.  He got his first set of immunizations and only cried for a minute.  That was a drop in the bucket compared to what he's been through.  He's still a tuff little guy.


June 5, 2008

Joshua has gone to physical therapy now for a month.  He is back up to where he should be as a 4 month old.  The PT is amazed at how well he has progressed in such a short time.  She said that his is really done with PT but she wants to see him back in a month to be sure he's still progressing well with all the physical development milestones.  He's reaching out and grabbing things to put in his mouth, rolling from his stomach to his back in both directions and once in a while we will lay him on a blanket in the floor in on spot and in just a few minutes we'll find him in a completely turned around position that we have no idea how he got there.......How'd he do that?


May 16, 2008

Life is gotten somewhat back to normal now.  Joshua is doing wonderful.  His appetite is increasing right on schedule.  The physical therapy is helping him get strong and back to where he should be right now.  Allison is adjusting well to being back home and having her little brother around again.  She's very good with him. 

We are still working on getting appointments with all the different doctors that treated Joshua at CHOA.  It is so important to educate as many as possible on the outcome of Joshua's condition.  We encourage you to share this website with anyone in the pediatric field.  The more people we educate the less babies will loose their pancreas needlessly. 

On a completely different note, Kelly's sister Terri is having surgery for uterine cancer on May 20 at 1pm.  Our prayer is that they will remove all the cancer in this procedure and will not find any more cancer cells in the surrounding biopsies they will test.  We know from our own experience how important prayers are in these situations, so please pray with us for her complete healing. 

Gods Blessings!

April 27, 2008

Words just can't describe how wonderful it is to have this little boy, Allison and us all home.  Halleluiah! Joshua is doing great.  I've checked his blood sugar one time since leaving the hospital.  It was perfect range.  He's starting to eat better and is happy as you can see above.  Those little smiles are just the icing on the cake of blessings we are enjoying.

We will have a couple of follow up doctor visits locally over the next couple of weeks.  The doctors in Phili have told us to watch for a couple of side effects that are possible but rare.  We are very peaceful and assured that he is FULLY HEALED and those doctor visits will just be another way to let God's power of healing shine through.

We are so excited to be home and know that many of you are anxious to come visit.  We would love to have you!  We've missed seeing familiar faces.  Give us a call and let us know when you would like to stop by. 

Vance and Allison were at the Peachtree Dekalb airport to greet us.  I sat in the back seat between Allison & Joshua on the way home.  Joshua started cueing and making sweet sounds.  I told Allison, Joshua is talking.  She replies, He's telling a story.  I asked, What is his story about?  She says, Jesus!  Later that evening the same scenario and again Allison said Joshua is telling a story about Jesus.  This morning at breakfast Joshua is cueing and smiling and we asked Allison what Joshua was talking about.  She says, Oh, he's just talking, no story.   From the mouth of babes............


April 25, 2008

Today is the day we have been working and praying for since March 13 when he went into the hospital.  Joshua is coming home today!  Angel flight picked up Kelly and Joshua in PA this morning and I expect them at Peachtree Dekalb airport sometime early afternoon. 

The doctors say he is CURED.  He passed an 18 hr fasting test yesterday to complete this amazing journey. Kelly will update the website soon so you can all see us at HOME! 

Thanks again for a level of support that was more than we prayed for. 

Vance, Kelly, Allison and Joshua

April 22, 2008

Today Joshua did a test fast which lasted for 8 hours.  He ate at 8am and then was not allowed anything until 4pm.  He did perfect!!! He didn't even fuss much at all and the lowest blood sugar reading was 79.  This is in preparation for the 18 hour fast scheduled for tomorrow night. 
We are also in preparation of heading home.  Vance is actually leaving tomorrow to start driving home with a great friend.  Arrangements are being made for Joshua and I to fly home on Friday.......provided he passes the BIG fasting test.  Everyone is pretty confident that he will do fine.  So with all that said, pray for Joshua's comfort and peace in going through this.....I wouldn't be able to do it, Vance's safety in driving home.

Vance will have my computer with him so I won't be updating the website for a day or two........the next update on the web will be when we are home!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the prayers and support.

April 21, 2008

Joshua is doing great maintaining his blood sugar.  We thought they were going to the fasting test today, but they choose to wait for a few days until he is eating better.  It's looking like if all goes well we may come home by the end of this week. YEAH!!!!! So keep saying prayers and we'll send updates as soon as possible.


April 20, 2008

Even though the team will not say it, I will say he is healed!  He has kept his blood sugar in line since the surgery (10 days ago).  The goal now is much like any other person that has been in the hospital for over 5 weeks.  We have to get his strength up and get him eating well.  It will just take a few more days here.  This has been an amazing time where GOD and friends have been more real than ever before in life. 

We think of all of you praying and again wanted to tell you how special you are and how much you're caring and prayers have strengthened us.  We look forward to seeing you soon and show you first hand what your prayers have done.

April 18, 2008


We have moved back to a normal room today.  They took the PIC line out of his left arm and stopped all IV fluids.  Is blood sugars have stayed from 77 to 130 for 8 days now.  He is on full feedings now to which he's doing okay, but not as well as the doctors would like.  We just have to be patient with his little system.  Looks like we could POSSIBLY be heading home by next weekend.....we'll see.

Joshua was born with a full head of hair as you can see from some of the previous pictures.  Through all this he's not gotten to be on his tummy or be held much in the last 8 days so most of his hair in the back is gone.  He has also lost most of his hair on the sides due to tape pulling it out from the PET scan and surgery.  We came in this morning to see him sporting a mohawk/rock-n-roll doo.  The nurses just love this little guy.  One of the nurses took a picture with her phone and will send it to us soon I hope.

April 16, 2008

Joshua started eating formula this morning.  He ate, no spit ups, burped, pooped and went right back to sleep.  PRAISE GOD!!!!!  He's smiling at almost everyone he sees.  He slept through the night last night.  Wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake if not only he's healed but he's sleeping through the night too.  Hopefully in a few days we'll get out of the ICU and back to a regular room. 

Kelly and Allison have really enjoyed their time together.  Allison really needed some mommy time.  Our house evidently wanted some love too.  We endured some hail damage and had to replace the entire roof, plus the hot water heater decided to start leaking so that's being replaced too.  Despite all the crazy things happening all around us we're still holding fast to Gods love and promise that He will not give us more than we can handle.  We've got to be close to the limit!!!!

April 14, 2008

Joshua is doing wonderful!  They have stopped the Morphine.  The IV in his right hand was removed.  If you remember our next thing to watch for is his digestive system to wake up.  We were told it would most likely be a week.  Well not for our little warrior!  He had THREE poopy diapers this afternoon!  We never thought we would be so excited to see a poopy diaper.  So this means the surgery team has to now make the decision as to when to let Joshua start eating and weaning off the IV nutrition.  We're hoping for this to start tomorrow. They will allow him to have 1/3 of his normal amount at each feeding the first day, 2/3 on the second and then full feedings on the 3rd.  Joshua is still maintaining his blood sugar level at around 120 to 130 which is perfect. 

Kelly flew home Sunday night to be with Allison for a few days.  We could tell be the phone conversations Allison needed some mommy time.  Kelly will be back up to Phili on Thursday.  We encourage you to praise God for the awesome things he has done during all this, but still pray for wisdom, protection and healing.  We're not home yet.....but we can definitely see the finish line. 

The picture of Vance and Joshua was taken this morning by one of the staff.  There's just nothing more moving than seeing a father snuggling with his son.  What a great daddy!


April 12, 2008

We were amazed this morning at how wonderful Joshua looks.  His color is great.  He is sleeping really peacefully.  Blood sugar readings all during the night were perfect.  No changes in medicines for pain.  The doctors managing his pain took the epidural out at 10am and Joshua did fine.  The full effects of the epidural will wear off in a couple of hours.  We'll see if he's still doing okay with pain at that point.  WOW the power of prayer is just undeniable.  Vance and I even slept well last night.  We just can't say thank you enough for all the prayers.


April 11, 2008

We are so thankful for all the prayers.  God has brought us through this past month with an amazing amount of peace and confidence.  On a completely different level now is the helplessness you feel when your baby is lying there crying and wincing in pain.  This part is so hard.  On one hand you want to stay there every second by his side, on the other hand the pain in your heart and helplessness gets to be just too much and you have to leave. Please pray for us all to have a lot of strength to get through the next few days. 
Joshua seems to be doing well as far as blood sugars and swelling.  He is on morphine along with the epidural for pain.  The epidural isn't exactly like what is used on adults.  It is more localized to the specific area of surgery.  Any mom that has had one knows that typically you are numb from your tummy to your toes.  Joshua's is only numbing the area just above his belly button and just a little below. Anesthesiologist  try to hit the painful area completely but really can't tell until after surgery if they got all of the painful areas.  This is why is on morphine too.

Doctors and Nurses both tell us he looks really good and is progressing as expected.  Most Hyperinsulinism baby's blood sugars swing high for too long after surgery requiring doses of insulin to bring it back into normal range, but Joshua's blood sugars are insulin needed....PRAISE GOD.

April 10, 2008

PRAISE GOD!!! Joshua did great through surgery.  Dr. Adzick removed 15% of his pancreas and rerouted some of his bowels.  His initial comment is that he got all of the focal lesion.  We were really surprised to see how good he looked after a 3 hour surgery.  They placed an epidural that he will keep in for a couple of days to help with pain.   He is in relatively no pain this evening.

It will be up to a week before his digestive system will start functioning again.  He will be in ICU until he's able to eat, pee and poop on his own.  He will then move out to a regular room.  They will then wean him off of all IV fluids and medicines.  His last test will be to do a 18 hour fast and maintain his blood sugar on his own.  If he passes this, it means he is CURED and we can come home. Which is thought to be around two more weeks from now. 

April 9, 2008

Surgery is tentatively scheduled for in the morning at 9:30am.  It will take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.  He will be under general anesthesia and they will place an epidural to assist with pain management for a couple of days following the surgery. 
God is sooooo cool.  When the anesthesiologist came to talk to us this evening, he walked over to Joshua to look at him and check pulse and lung strength.  Joshua was lying flat, playing, waving his arms around.  When the anesthesiologist touched his arm and looked down at him Joshua became perfectly still and gave him three of the biggest smiles we've seen.  It touched me so deeply that Joshua felt so at peace and him smiling so big was like God giving us an outward assurance that He is all over Joshua.

Tomorrow during the surgery and especially afterward Vance and I will need extraordinary strength to deal with seeing our little one being all hooked up on tubes, wires and in pain.  Joshua being so joyful through 90% of this experience has been Gods blessing to us.  He's not looked sick. He's looked perfect.  Tomorrow is going to be tuff.

We are amazed at all the people visiting the website and all the emails from strangers.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  

April 8, 2008 - REVISED!
We got the CT & PET scan this afternoon.  Joshua has a focal lesion located in the head of the pancreas, which means it looks like the overactive cells are all concentrated in one area.  The tuff part is that it looks like the lesion is almost as large as the head itself.  They are planning on doing the surgery on Thursday midday.  During surgery they will take several biopsies that will go immediately across the hall to pathology. They will display them on a screen that the pathologist and the surgeon will see at the same time.  He will then determine how to proceed with the surgery. 

 We prayed with the surgeon, Dr. Scott Adzick. So please join us in praying for Dr. Adzick personally and the total healing of Joshua. 

 Thank you all so much for the encouraging emails and stories of miracle healing you’ve experienced or know of.  We apologize if we don’t personally respond back to each of you immediately.  Please know that we can feel the strength, peace and power that God is giving us through your prayers.

Tuesday 12noon :  This morning Joshua was suppose to have the PET scan at 11am.  This has now been rescheduled for 3pm.  The F-Dopa that is the radioactive isotope they didn’t feel was pure enough so they are making a new batch.  YES….we want them to have absolutely the purest stuff possible so we will gladly wait……so pray….pray loud…..pray specifically… to God like he IS your best friend, father, and you need His help, we are.

 Everything is now pushed back...we will learn the results of the PET tomorrow and the tentative surgery date is now Thursday evening.


April 6, 2008

Today is the beginning of preparing for the PET scan on Tuesday and surgery on Wednesday.  This morning Joshua got his last dose of Octreotide....the medicine that has helped in keeping his blood sugar up in normal range along with the IV fluid containing a sugar solution.  It's a delicate situation because we have to be sure to monitor his blood sugar on a more frequent basis.  The doctors have increased the concentration of Dextrose solution in his IV fluids and the amount of fluid flowing into him per hour. 

Right now they are planning on doing the PET scan process at 11am on Tuesday.  The surgeon will meet with us that evening to discuss his findings from the scan.  He will talk with us about exactly what he plans on doing with Joshua's pancreas, IF he finds anything.  We still are praying for the miracle of total healing without surgery, God willing.  

Continue to pray for complete healing, protection, wisdom for the doctors and caregivers, strength and patients for us.  Being away from home for a week is starting to wear on our nerves.  We finally got out yesterday and toured the Museum of Natural History, that was nice.  Temp is in the 50's during the day and very windy (cold wind).

If you have any questions, please email us.  We'll try to answer questions via the website or emails.

April 4, 2008

Joshua has done really well over the last 24 hours.  His blood sugars are being maintained good with the IV fluids and one medicine now.  We need to hold this until Tuesday next week.  We are on the path for surgery planned for Wednesday.  God is more than welcome to go ahead and just completely heal him.  That's what we are boldly praying for.  How cool would it be for Joshua to just start maintaining on his own and baffle the doctors....HEALED.  Wouldn't that be an incredible testimony for Joshua.  If God has other plans, we are going to sit tight until Tuesday keeping Joshua stable.

I (Kelly) am only able to send emails when we come to the Starbucks a couple of blocks from the hospital.  Receiving them is okay any time.  We greatly appreciate all the encouraging emails.  THANK YOU!!!


April 2, 2008

Today we pretty well confirmed that next Tuesday we are having the PET scan and surgery on Wednesday 4/9/08.  Joshua's blood sugars have been up and down all day.  The professionals here give us the confidence that what is going on is typical of a infant with HI. 

We are going on week three of being in hospital.  Please keep praying for protection, wisdom and complete healing of Joshua when all this is done.

Vance & Kelly

April 1, 2008

Well the journey to healing continues as we are now at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Funny they call the place CHOP. Does not sound like the kind of hospital you would like to be at huh??

 The good news is this place leads the nation in the condition he has called Hyperinsulinism.  It is tricky to diagnose and tricky to remedy.  They are trying different meds now but he is not responding favorably.  He is stable enough to be safe but not stable enough to go home.  We may be on the path to surgery.  There is a PET scan set for next Tuesday with tentative surgery for Wed.  They tell us that when the PET Scan can identify focal regions that are troublesome, surgery can be a cure.  All of this will keep us h

Let me stop there and just ask for all of you to continue to pray for healing and Protection for Joshua and strength for us.

As a side note, you will never guess the name of the chief of this department and all around guru  ……..Dr Charles Stanley.   How about that ?  All of these people study under him and evidently he writes the university text books and so on.   You have to tell Andy.

Getting stronger everyday
To GOD be the glory


Joshua's blood sugar has been up and down a bit overnight.  We came into the room this morning and a crowd of nurse practitioners and nurses all gathered around.  His blood sugar dipped down to 22 and thankfully they had it back up to 96 within an hour.  Its not a good feeling to walk into a room and six people are gathered around.  On the other hand, it is good for there to be six people gathered around taking care of him verses none. 

We met Dr. Charles A. Stanley who is the Chief, Division of Endocrinology.....not the preacher at First Baptist Atlanta.  He further explained what they are hoping for when the PET scan of the pancreas is done.  They hope to see a focal point of cells that are over producing insulin.  This would mean that they can go in, remove that point and most likely be completely cured.  The other possibility is that they would find that the entire pancreas is over producing.  This could mean they would remove a possible large amount of his pancreas and run the risk of making him diabetic....which they say is easier to manage than hyperinsulinism.

We still ask for your prayers of healing, protection and wisdom for everyone involved with Joshua.  It's so difficult to think this is all glorifying to God, but we trust in His power and control over ALL things.  He won't give us more than we can handle.  I  question this sometimes now, but know it's true.  God has given me a peace and feeling of pure trust like I've never experience.  It really is beyond understanding unless you've experienced it for yourself.

March 31, 2008

For the last 24 hours Joshua has had blood sugars running from 82 to 368 to which the doctors are okay with.  They're strategy is to see if he will stay stable just using medication.  They want to get him off of the IV fluids completely.  They are purposely using this week to study his patterns and get him on the right combination that will stabilize his blood sugar without the IV, They have tentatively set the date for the PET scan for April 7.  Vance is exhausted from driving up.  He's been taking naps every chance he gets. 

Joshua is eating good, happy and playful.  You would never think anything was going on with him. 


March 29, 2008

Yesterday afternoon we got word that they had scheduled a transport team to fly Joshua to Children's Healthcare of Philadelphia.  One of the doctors had mentioned this briefly before but with really no time frame as to when this would happen.  They've told us to plan on being there at least a month.  So with in 18 hours, we had arrangements for Allison,  the dogs, travel maintenance on the car and folks looking after the house.  This morning at 11 am Joshua and I took off in a Lear Jet for Phili.  I told Joshua he was pretty special getting to fly in a Lear Jet for his first flight and that if he ever does it again it better be for fun, not a medical transport.  Vance is packing all but the kitchen sink and driving up. 
We made it in fine.  Joshua is at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, room 8s15
We will be staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House for a little while and will be able to get snail mail at the following address:
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
Attn:  Kelly Family in Room 26
3921-3925 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Joshua has had a few ups and downs today, but they have been controlled.  The doctors wanted to get some lab test done if his blood sugar dropped and boy did it, 17!  They had him back up to 80 within 30 minutes.  He was monitored very closely and never showed any signs of his level being that low.  The doctor and two nurses were all right there and didn't leave until they got his level back up.  They will be checking his blood sugar levels every hour through the night.



March 25, 2008
Happy Tuesday

Well we are still in ICU.  The good news is that he has been showing us perfect blood sugar levels since Sunday.  He still has IV and medication to help but we are trying to turn that support down slowly and let his body regulate.  I think GOD is answering our prayers to heal him.

Keep praying for protection and healing for Joshua .  Pray for GODs hands to be on all the care givers and strength for us.

We are praying for huge blessings for all of you who are praying and helping 

Thanks for the love

Vance and Kelly


March 22, 2008


First thanks for all the prayers and help.  It has also been nice to see many of you.  Remember the invitation is open to visit with us at home or hospital.   

We know God is alive and working through all of this and we are ready for his miracle in Joshua’s life. Joshua is still in ICU.  They are trying to keep a close eye on him in hopes of learning what is causing his blood sugar to be so unpredictable.  They also want to be there for him if something drastic happens.  The one sentence is we still do not know a cause for sure but we have a long list of what it is not.  They suspect insulin problems so the next step will be some imagining studies next week.  This is not a common situation so they are in a one step at a time mode.  (I will never watch HOUSE again)

One big note is that they had much confusion about his diet and finally they have him on mothers milk.  That is healing for Joshua and mom!  Kelly is so excited!

 We are ready for answers to all of these prayers.  We anticipate HIS great works.  I want to see the look on their faces when GOD heals him and all will know it is GOD! 

 Tonight will be the first of many father son nights where we fast, pray and read about the healing power of GOD in HIS word.

If you have a favorite healing story or verse send it to me so I can read it to him!

 Thanks is too small …

Vance and Kelly

 Ps feel free to share this with anyone I missed


March 20, 2008

In some cases no news is good news, right?…..well that’s where we are.  None of the test have come back with anything that really explains why Joshua is not maintaining his blood sugar levels.  The doctors have some ideas of what they think is going on, but no real data to back that up.  The nutritionist came by this morning and said they are going to mix a special formula for him to see if that will help wean him off of the IV fluids and not max out the Diazoxide drug that he is on.  They want to do this until Monday (3/24/08).  Monday they will talk with Emory to see when they can get him into have a P.E.T. scan of his pancreas.  The doctors are suspecting that maybe he has and over active pancreas and this will be detected by the scan.  So we will still be in ICU for a while.

 We truly believe that Joshua’s purpose in going through all this is to show us how far reaching God’s power really is.  Someday we’ll share some of the amazing stories of how God has used this situation to teach and grow people all over the country and be glorified through it all.  I encourage you to come visit, pray with us or just be a familiar face to say hello.  Joshua looks wonderful….his skin, coloring and size is just perfect.  If he wasn’t hooked up to an IV you would never know that anything was the matter.  Visiting hours are between 8:30am to 8:30pm for anyone over 10 years old.  They don’t allow visiters to come in between shift change which is 6:30pm until 7:30pm.  If your already here that’s okay.  Give us a call before you come.  Vance 770 238 9580 or Kelly 770 561 9345

 Keep praying specifically for the doctors and caregivers to have wisdom, protection over Joshua and us and patients for us all.  We of course want Joshua to come home, but we really believe he is healed and God is still just using the situation…’s all in HIS timing, not ours.

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the prayers and support.

 Vance & Kelly

March 18, 2008

This little guy just has everyone baffled.  Last night he ate well, right on schedule and the IV sugar supplement stayed the same but yet his blood sugar still continued to slowly drop.  Thankfully the drops were still in a good range but looking at the trend by 8am they will have gone too low.  The doctors have ordered a genetics test to look for specific genes that could cause his body to not maintain normal blood sugar levels on his own.  They can take up to two weeks to get results.  We’re also getting back insulin test and hormone test today.  Hopefully they will shed some light on what’s going on.

 Thanks for continuing to pray for wisdom, patients and protection over all involved and total healing of little Joshua.

 Vance & Kelly

March 17, 2008

First just let me say THANK YOU so much for all the prayers & support… really is powerful.

 Joshua has done great over the last 24 hours.  He is eating 2 to 4oz of formula every 2 to 3 hours like normal and is maintaining his blood sugar well.  They started dialing down the IV sugar fluids just a tiny bit at a time all during the night to see if he would keep his blood sugar up.  With this info, the path is to get him off the IV completely and observe.  If he maintains well they will move him from ICU to a regular room either this evening or tomorrow.  We are still waiting on a couple of key lab test to come back this afternoon.  No one knows for certain what has caused all this.

 Saturday, Joshua gave us his first smile…..big open mouth, as if he’s going to laugh out loud.  Talk about melting your heart.  Sunday he smiled at us most every time we talked to him.  He’s getting lots of practice flirting with all the nurses.  Several nurses come to visit him before leaving their shift each day.  They are amazing people.

 Keep praying for the doctors, nurses and us to have wisdom, protection, patients and full, complete healing for Joshua.

 Vance & Kelly

March 15, 2008

For those of you that are not aware of what is happening….Joshua had a seizure on Thursday evening around 7pm to which we rushed him to the local ER and found that his blood sugar was 3….NOT GOOD.  The Northside ER doc summoned for transport down to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.  It took until 3am to get him stabilized and not having seizures.  He has been through a huge amount of testing trying to understand what is causing the blood sugar to not regulate on it’s own.  When your child has tubes in EVERY entry of their little body and no one can tell you what is wrong it is the most helpless feeling.

They don’t believe that his issues at birth are related and are leaning toward the cause being an internal infection of sort….we won’t know until a lot of the test results come back today. 

He will be in ICU for another day or two and in the hospital until at least Wednesday at this point.  The update this morning is that he has maintained blood sugar readings in the 80’s (normal is 60 – 120) with a small amount of supplementation of glucose. YEAH!!! 

We’ll keep updating as we find out more.

 Thank you for all the support and prayers.

Vance & Kelly

 PS…Read Joshua 1:9…..we’ll tell you an incredible story about this verse when the dust settles.